Improve Efficiency With Quality Keywords

by | May 17, 2014 | PPC Management, SEM | 2 comments

Clicks are going to cost you, if you did not spend enough time in crafting each keywords for Campaign.


Tick Keyword should be relevant to your Advertisement.

Keywords are the phrase you choose to match adverts to corresponding and relevant web content on search network.

Search networks like google or yahoo works by making your ads appear to potential customers, who are searching online for information related to your business. Words and phrase they use while search are keywords, which causes your AD to appear. More relevant your keywords more interesting your AD will be for potential customers.


 Tick Quality keywords attract qualified click.

Quality keywords connects  individuals with high  intend to proceed with actions (such as Sign-ups, subscription or purchase order)  which are valuable to your business.

It is very critical to cost and budget of PPC campaign that you spend time in researching terms and phrase that connects Campaign Keywords – Advertisement – Business.


Tick Best Practise:
  • Keywords with two or more words are more effective.
  • Keyword can be of one phase or combination of words.
  • Words that you select for keywords shouldn’t be too generic or too Specific.
  • Figure out right balance, Start by thinking like your customer.

PPC Campaign requires more prevent measures so to qualify clicks. Negative keywords is by far most effective way to prevent your ad from showing to people who may not have the intend that you seek from campaign.


 Tick Negative Keywords.

Negative keywords are words or phase that excludes word combination that don’t relate to your business. you wouldn’t want someone searching with no intend to purchase or simply words are phrase which are not even remotely related to your business and clicks on your ad which may cost you dearly.

Negative Keywords lets you to decide who sees your ad and who doesn’t see your ad, which will help you control your cost. Negative Keywords lets you to attract highly Qualified clicks.


Tick Never stop adding Negative keywords.

Think of all the possible phrase and words anyone would use, which are remotely related to your business but would never proceed for action that leads to a conversion.


Tick Too Generic and too specific keywords are also negative keywords.

Too generic keywords may relate to your business but it is not necessary that it will attract clicks with intend to particular action. Most of the time generic and specific keywords lead click to website only to bounce away. Higher bounce rate is indicator for low quality keywords.

Tick List of some very inspiring negative keywords which are highly irrelevant to any business.

RED 200+ Negative Keywords to consider for B2B PPC.

Improve efficiency with quality Keywords for PPC campaign resulting higher CTR, Lower cost per click with Better control our Campaign and avoids  unnecessary clicks which would cost heavily.
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