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I can't afford that many clicks on Adwords it is too expensive?

We can compete by using location targeting and geo-targeted keywords, we try to compete with large brands by selecting a combination of generic, location, product/service based keywords. We will be testing the campaign with high-value keywords that are targeted to your business and you can compete in a different space.

Once we increase a visibility of the website at good ROI, that necessarily doesn’t mean we will get you No1 ad rank position, which can be expensive but will get you good ROI and incremental traffic. We want to buy best keywords with higher ROI, this might sound expensive but think about the extra business they could generate and also we have good control over the budget.

How do you assure the effort is worth it?

Our primary aim is to increase relevant traffic to your web properties, which can convert into sales or any action you desire them to take on website or app. Once we are able to drive high-value traffic that converts, we can concentrate on building large audience base who would like to know what you have to offer and we can start engaging with them to stay on top of their mind with offers and product updates. Ensuring your product is seen where customers are by capturing important micro-moments.

All your interactions with your audience are tracked and analysed to better understand your customer’s journey in discovering your business online. Data we collect and insights we derive are shared with your team making sure all key information is effectively communicated.

How can I compete with large companies, with only limited budget?

Digital marketing supports all size of business and budgets. We will recommend the most effective and affordable platform for your digital marketing campaign.

On SEM Platforms, big companies tend to compete for high-value keywords to attract their audience, you can start with a small budget and see how ROI increases. Most important to understand on ROI is – “Spending an additional Rs.1000 on advertising would benefit an SME nearly Eight times as much relative to its size as an equivalent Rs. 1000 Spent by a larger business.”

To start, we will recommend you optimal target strategy, minimum budget and what you can expect from it, ROI.

There is no marketing budget for this.

There are so many marketing and advertising solutions/platforms and they are very very confusing. The best way to start in digital marketing is by answering the questions; How much of your investment is going to digital marketing? Are all other channels reaching your online audience? or Are they attracting right people?, Are you able to measure real impact of marketing channels are they profitable? Are you doing that because you are doing it for years?

Here we really are trying to learn which marketing channels you are using and the type of ROI you are getting. In digital marketing, you can actually know the impact

Did you know people are spending more of their time in consuming digital media than any other formats. Digital marketing engages with your prospective clients right when they are searching for your product/services. These are the movements when they are not loyal to any particular bands and by placing your advertisements we are able to increase chances of conversions.

We have a niche service or product?

Even for niche products you want your audience to find you, so size of the market is smaller but you want to be found to get extra customers, has an expert we can built highly relevant digital marketing campaign to ensure that when people are searching for your product only then your advertisement pops up, so your campaign will be very cost effective.

Since it is niche market we can anticipate less competition and lower CPC, moreover have you considered any specific actions to raise awareness. So if it is a niche product have you considered a seasonal advertising, target demography, existing audience, reachable audience, target Mobile users, Digital marketing can help you reach your market.

Isn't the market saturated?

First thing if your competitors are advertising online then it must work. We can help you gain some of their market shares, 2. we can built a competitive campaign to grow your brand loyalty by focusing on increased footprints. 3. If you only sell local then you can target global market where you can service your client.

Before we engage with your business, we will create a digital campaign design and we will present it to you with actual market and consumer data along with how we plan to achieve your business goal by implementing digital marketing strategies.

Organic vs Paid Serach.

PPC complements organic placements. In the organic placement,it is difficult to show all the relevant information.

Did you know that sponsored links can generate 89% of incremental visits to an advertiser’s site, 81% of ad clicks are incremental when organic search results are in 2nd to 4th position, For an organic position of 5 or lower, 96% of ad click are incremental.

So SEO VS SEM, there is no fight they complement each other plus also on client perception when they see on your brand on both organic and paid results, there is a perception of very legit and serious business.

I had a bad experience before.

If you could please share with us what happened, what did you do, how did you spend, were you familiar to the platform, how did you measure the impact and what was your objective. We can conduct a quick audit and list down improvement points and based on that we will create another proposal.

As a customer, you should be aware of the shark agency. you must engage with certified digital marketing experts. ValueAdvert is a certified digital marketing and analytics expert. We score highly on best practise both in terms of performance and customer care. We have access to insights, support and training opportunity. We are Part of trusting community. We are Trusted Digital Marketing Experts.

My business is seasonal, bad time now.

Did you know 85% of consumers use the internet to find the local businesses, these are the people who want to search instantly and they also demand information to be right! and right away. Where to buy, compare and purchase is the movements, we as digital advertisers can target and reach those individuals by placing your advertisements. Digital marketing not only has the ability to reach but also entice individuals to take actions that are valuable to your business.

Be it non-seasonal, if you are engaging with other media format to reach your audience you must consider digital marketing as well. For seasonal business, we can create a unique campaign focusing on converting prospects.Digital marketing goes hands in hand with generating sales and building strong brand footprints.

Doing it myself, no need to outsource.

It is good that you see the value and you already invested in online advertising. But sometimes keeping up with ever-changing digital platforms can be overwhelming and probably you are not capitalizing on all opportunities. What are some signs you should let an agency manage your ads for you? (Full disclosure – we’d love to be that agency.) Are you tracking conversions and integrating AdWords with Google Analytics? Are you able to measure return on ad spend? Digital campaign achieving your business goal? you’re unable to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry.

It’s also not a secret that all digital marketing platforms are constantly working to improve their advertising platforms, such as AdWords. In doing so, Google rolls out a ton of updates. If you’re not actively involved in the industry, it can be easy to miss out on valuable new features. As you can see from the Google AdWords blog, new functionality and updates are seemingly rolled out weekly

So, successful business owner: if you’re not taking advantage of this important digital space, why not? Let us know!

And to those of you that are thinking, “Wow, this industry is significantly more complex than I could have ever imagined…” never fear! We’d love to help. ValueAdvert is a Google Adwords Certified Partner and a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Digital advertising and web analytics is what we eat and breathe every day. We’d love to help you!

My business is word of mouth.

Digital marketing as the ability to reach the customers who look for your business, a paradigm shift from you look for customers.

Now a days people are searching for Your products by putting keywords into search box, by Search Advertising you are buying only those keywords and only to those we will show ads. At ValueAdvert, all Digital marketing strategies are backed by actual data analysis based on your product, industry and consumers.  Thus digital marketing can be cost efficient and also as the ability to reach the right audience with right message plus you always have control over the budget.

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